Journey to Confirmation (grades 8-9-10)

On behalf of the Youth Ministry team, welcome to the St. Benedict Confirmation Program. This 3 year journey, 2 years of formation and 1 year of preparation for the Holy Sacrament, will provide reflection and growth opportunities for teens in a supportive faith environment.

The Journey reaches teens through many different facets-

service opportunities, retreats, classes, praise (in and outside of the Mass), fun social events, small group discussions, videos, teen mentors, Priests, Deacons, and enthusiastic adult volunteers.

We encourage your questions; contact us anytime. Thank you and God bless.

Rita Anderson, Youth Minister (;

Ann Shevlin, Faith Formation Coordinator (


You can find the 2016-2017 calendar of classes here. For more information about each year, click on the links below.

8th Grade (Journey Year of Faith Foundation I)

9th Grade (Journey Year of Faith Foundation II)

10th Grade (Journey Year of Confirmation)

Make up Events-
In the event that a teen has an absence, beyond the 3 allowed for the year, he or she will need to attend one of the following in order to make up the missed time in faith formation.

Make Up Form (complete and turn in to receive credit)

XLT (at All Saints Catholic Church)-Aug 20, Oct 4, Nov 8, Nov 11, Jan 10, Feb 4, Mar 7, May 6, and May 20 

St. Benedict Guest Speakers– See make up form for opportunities.

 Special Service Project Instructions-   Blanket Making Instructions