8th Grade


In this, the first year of the Journey to Confirmation, teens are taught by our enthusiastic and gifted volunteer catechists. They begin this year with an engaging 5-part series on the Mass called “Altaration“. Altaration is designed to stir thought, create conversation, dispel myths, and inspire young souls to a deep and lasting love for the Mass.

Next, they have lessons dedicated to learning to use resources (reading the Bible, the daily Missal, etc.) and the ten commandments.

Then they move into the weekly  award-winning Chosen curriculum (Ascension Press). Chosen offers a powerful approach to teen faith formation that will both catechize and challenge teens to fully embrace a life in Christ. The Chosen lessons continue across both the 1st and 2nd year of the confirmation journey. 

2017-2018 Calendar

2018-2019 Calendar

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During the first year of the Journey, our teens are expected to

  • Attend class weekly (with no more than 3 absences)
    • Note: Be Proactive! If you know of a conflict during the year, your child is welcomed to attend another 9th grade class within the same week; classes are offered here Sunday- Wednesday. (example: your child wants to attend theater try-outs on their normal class day, no problem, just plan for her to attend the 9th grade faith formation class on Tuesday the instead); To do this, please contact the office ahead of time so we can pre-arrange your child’s attendance with the catechist, give you the class details (where, when, etc), and have their materials ready for them. 
    • Click here to go to the top of the Teen Events Page to access the “Make Up Form” and list of make up events. 
  • Attend Mass weekly
  • Attend the 8th Grade Service Night  in the PLC on Sunday, November 13th (takes the place of class that week- attendance required!)
  • Participate in all in-class service hour opportunities 
  • Participate in the day retreat
    “Amazing Race” on Saturday September 23rd from 2:30PM-4:30PM

    • This optional event is a scavenger hunt exclusively for 8th graders and designed to build peer relations and familiarity with our faith and our church.
    • There is a Parent Meeting on the same day from 3:30pm-4:30pm; come find out about the entire Journey to Confirmation that your child is embarking on!