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The Chosen Series Study Guide- the attached study guide is meant to help you in watching the videos, relating them to your faith journey and understanding Jesus and the times he lived in. Remember, we did not live then, we can only assume certain things. The director assures us the series is true to the Gospel with drama created to surround the Biblical account. Click Full study guide season 1 to download the pdf study guide.  Click Full study guide season 2 to download the pdf study guide.

Awake My Soul Women’s Retreat– held on Saturday, February 23rd, 2021 and presented by the musical ministry group HisOwn. Access a recording of the retreat HERE.

Lent 2022 7-Night Mission on the Seven Last Words of Christ
(Click on the title to access the video)
February 28 – Mercy by Father Peter-Elvis
March 7 – Grace by Father Roy Lee
March 14 – Trust by Ms. Bernadette Flowers
March 21 – Truth by Mary Grace Thomas, Ph.D., P.C.
March 28 – Living Water by Deacon Avery Daniel
April 4 – Divine Love by Peggy Still Johnson
April 11 – He Died as He Lived by Archbishop Gregory J. Hartmayer

Advent 2021 4-Night Mission, click on the title to access the video
November 29 – HOPE-John the Baptist presented by Bishop Ned Shlesinger
December 6 – JOY- The Virgin Mary presented by Father Branson Hipp
December 13 – PEACE- Joseph presented by Mr. Jared Kleinwaechter
December 20 – LOVE-Jesus Christ presented by Mr. Tony Alonso

Advent 2020 4-Night Mission presented by Fr. Peter-Elvis, click on the title to access the video
November 30-HOPE-John the Baptist
December 7- JOY- The Virgin Mary
December 14- PEACE- Joseph
December 21- LOVE-Jesus Christ
12/21 handout on prayer-Advent Mission handout-week 4-Saying YES

Bible 101 Class with Deacon Jamie Morgan as recorded on September 28, 2020. Click HERE.

Ways to Read the Bible (from Ascension Press) 

As Catholics, we know that the Bible is the Word of God, but we often become frustrated or confused when the Bible doesn’t seem to make sense.
We sit in our prayer spaces and scratch our head over confusing passages and the pages of details and rules in the Old Testament.
We find ourselves searching Scripture for inspiration and answers but sometimes come up short because of difficult passages. And we wonder how it all applies to our daily lives.
It can be really discouraging.

The experience of reading the Bible can be so much more.
It can be life-giving. It can help us gain a deeper understanding of who God is and how we fit into his plan. It can give us courage and community as we walk in our faith.
In this video, Fr. Mike explores different ways to approach the Bible. He offers several reasons for you to pick up your Bible again, see it with new eyes, and allow it to transform your life. Watch it here!

Senior Wellness: Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional by Sandra McKay from the Holy Family Counseling Center. For this September 17, 2020 talk, click HERE.

Watch & Listen:

What Should You Know About Purgatory with Fr. Mike Schmitz


              Is it Okay to Hate Someone by Fr. Mike Schmitz              


            What is the sin of gluttony by Fr. Mike Schmitz                  



                  5 Saints who died as children at Aleteia                        


     Why do Catholics call the Virgin Mary a Queen at Aleteia      

Sunday Reflection from the St. Paul Center                                                                               



Instruction regarding the burial of the deceased:

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has recently released “Ad resurgendum cum Christo”, instruction regarding the burial of the deceased and the conservation of the ashes in the case of cremation. You can find the link to this document at our Website under “Adult Formation Online Resources”.
Click here to view Ad Resurgendum cum Christo

From Fr. Mike Schmitz and Ascension Press:

WILL GOD HEAL MY WOUNDS                             

Webinar from Fr. Mitch Pacwa and OSV:


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