Journey to Confirmation

Virtual Faith Formation Notice:  Due to Governor Kemp’s Executive Order closing public schools for the rest of the school year Youth Ministry converted in-person classes/lessons to online lessons for 8th, 9th and 10th grade.    We are using Google Classroom for our lessons.   Each lesson will count as attending one class.    Please use Google Classroom code 5wofl2p to access 8th grade.   

Please use Google Classroom code  pxqtgoq to access 9th grade.

Please use Google Classroom code  tohuwtd to access 10th grade.

Students will go to and click the plus sign in the upper right corner.    They will choose “join class” and enter the code.   All of the lessons will be listed under Classwork at the top of the page.   They are organized by date and have due dates.  Student’s may work at their own pace-meaning they can log in whenever they choose and may work ahead.  They do not have to wait for the actual day of their class or wait to do the next week’s lesson.  

Students are encouraged to continue to work on make-up assignments (see below), Saint Reports, Confirmation Questions or anything else that is required for their grade level.  The forms/report templates/etc. are on their grade’s Checklist which can be found on their grade’s direct link below.   Because we are using Dropbox for document submission this year students are able to submit assignments without attending a physical class.

Please let Rita Anderson ( or Amy Bennett ( know if you have any questions.   Thank you for your patience, understanding and flexibility during this unprecedented time.  

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On behalf of the Youth Ministry team, welcome to the St. Benedict Journey to Confirmation Program. This 3 year journey, 2 years of formation and 1 year of preparation for the Holy Sacrament, will provide reflection and growth opportunities for teens in a supportive faith environment.

The Journey reaches teens through many different facets-Classes, retreats, service opportunities, praise (in and outside of the Mass), social events, small group discussions, videos, teen mentors, priests, deacons, and dedicated and enthusiastic adult volunteers!

We encourage your questions; contact us anytime. Thank you and God bless.

Rita Anderson, Youth Minister (

For the direct link to the requirements for each year, click on the buttons below.

8th Grade     (Faith Foundation Year I)          9th Grade    (Faith Foundation Year II)          10th Grade    (Year of Confirmation)

 For direct links to checklists, calendars, etc.  Click the links below.

Journey to Confirmation Checklist

8th-9th-10th Grade Class Calendar

Teen Events and Service Opportunity Calendar

Attendance/Make up Events

In the event that a teen has an absence, beyond the 3 allowed for the year he or she will need to make up their faith formation time at an approved event and turn in the make up form below.   Students in 8th and 9th grade are able to attend class on a different day of the week to make up for an absence. 

  • XLT at All Saints Catholic Church in Dunwoody count as make up events.  See:  XLT Atlanta for dates/times/details. 
  • St. Benedict’s Parish Advent Mission also counts as a class make up.    Fr.   Michael Nixon, pastor of St. Dominic Parish, Panama City, FL will lead our Advent Mission once again to update us on their progress as they continue to rebuild their community after the devastating impact of hurricane Michael.Fr. Nixon will help us to understand how FAITH can carry us through even the harshest of circumstances, and how we can all find HOPE as we prepare for the coming of our Lord, Jesus Christ on Christmas Day.
    December 2nd & 3rd, 2019, at 9:00AM and 7:00PM. Fr. Nixon will speak in the AM then repeat his talk in the evening. Each session, except Monday night, will start with Mass and finish with his talk. All talks are FREE

Contact the Youth Ministry team for more information.