Living Your Strengths – Catholic Edition (a 2-part workshop)

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Living Your Strengths– Catholic Edition (a 2-part workshop)

Do you want to feel a better connection to your church community?

Living Your Strengths shows you how to identify and affirm your unique talents and how to use them for growth, service and spiritual enrichment.

Join us for this 2-part workshop with a trained Gallup StrengthFinder coach as we explore how you are uniquely created by God and endowed with gifts that are yours alone. Discover your innate talents, and start using them for service, praise and growth. Living Your Strengths Catholic Edition guides you on the path to spiritual enrichment.

Embrace Who God Created You to Be!

Meeting September 14th and 21st at 7:30 PM in classrooms 5/7.

You MUST pre-register by September 1st
Cost is $25/per person.

Registration includes:
A copy of the Living Your Strengths-Catholic Edition book
Private access to the assessment test
Personalized reports and tools to learn even more about your strengths
2 sessions of coaching with a Gallup trained StrengthFinder coach