Faith Formation begins in the home and continues with reinforcement through on site classes at St. Benedict.

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Pre K- 7th Grade Curriculum-

In our PreK-7th grades, we use the Pflaum Gospel Weeklies Faith Formation Program. We chose this dynamic program because it brings together three powerful facets of our faith- 1. The power of the Weekly Gospels 2. The thoroughness of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and 3. The Entire Family as participants in faith formation.

  1. Weekly Gospels– each lesson is designed to make the Gospels which will be read in the upcoming Sunday mass come to life. In class, the students explore the Gospel and their everyday experiences in order to prepare them to more fully integrate the readings at Mass into their daily life. Students bring home the “Weeklies” after each class giving the family an opportunity to further integrate the Gospel reading into their home life and share the experience of the Gospel teaching.
  2. Catechism of the Catholic Church– In addition to weeklies, the children receive a catechism handbook (What the Church Believes and Teaches) that is written at their age level. They keep the book in class all year as a learning tool and then it is sent home for the family to explore and keep.
  3. The Entire Family– This program is designed to encourage a rich dialogue among family members prior to and after Mass each week. Catechists, students and parents (children’s primary educators) have access to materials and resources to further their life in the church. In addition, parents can go to and sign up to receive Gospels at Home in their inbox each week, download a thorough book of seasonal resources, read the blog and more.

Class Times-

Classes are offered Tuesday and Wednesday for PK-9th grade students.
At 4-5:15 PM we offer grades PK* (Wed. ONLY) to 5th grade
At 6-7:15 PM we offer grades K-9th
           * Pre-K is for students 4 years old by September 1st and out of diapers,

In addition, 
           Sunday evening classes  are offered for our Confirmation prep students in                grades 8-9-10.

The sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are usually received at the end of the 2nd grade year, after 2 years of formation classes (1st and 2nd grade). For more information, please click here.


  • Preschool SEEDS
  • Grades K-1 PROMISE
  • Grades 2-3 GOOD NEWS
  • Grades 4-6 VENTURE
  • Grade 7 VISIONS
Professions of Faith: God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit | Mary | Bible

Liturgy and Worship: Baptism | Eucharist | Christmas | Easter

Life in Christ: Right and Wrong | Good Shepherd

Social Teaching: Family Life | Golden Rule | Sharing

Prayer: Talking to God | Listening to God

Catholic Treasure: Saints | The Church | Pope | Advent | Sign of the Cross | Hail Mary | Words to Know

Professions of Faith: Blessed Trinity | God’s Word | God Made You | God’s Love | God’s Promises | The People of God

Liturgy and Worship: Baptism | The Church Family | Parish | The Mass | Seasons and Celebrations

Life in Christ: Life of Jesus | Jesus Teaches | Doing Good and Avoiding Evil | Saints Help

Social Teaching: Caring for Others | Forgiveness | Golden Rule | Respect for Life

Prayer: Talking to God | Praying Together | Pray Always

Catholic Treasure: Lord’s Prayer | Prayer of Sorrow | Catholic Vocabulary

Professions of Faith: Apostles Creed | Creation | Heaven | Mary is God’s Mother | Jesus Became Man | Jesus Suffered and Died | Jesus’ Resurrection

Liturgy and Worship: Seasons and Feasts | Ordinary Time | Lent | Easter | Sunday | Sacraments of Initiaion | Reconciliation

Life in Christ: Free Will | Sin | Virtue | God’s Law and Commandments | Obedience | Good News

Social Teaching: Honesty | Kindness | Works of Mercy | Courage | Protecting Life | Peace

Prayer: Psalms | The Lord’s Prayer | Vocal Prayer | Meditation | Reasons to Pray

Catholic Treasure: Beatitudes | Holy Days | Theological Virtues | Act of Contrition | Rosary | Morning Offering | Way of the Cross | Glossary

Professions of Faith: Covenant | Revelation, Inspiration, Grace, Trinity | The Fall | Incarnation, Redemption | Immaculate Conception | Marks of the Church | Death and Resurrection

Liturgy and Worship: Feasts of Our Lord | Holy Days | Sacraments of Initiation | Sacraments of Healing | Sacraments at the Service of Communion

Life in Christ: Moral Law | Conscience | Sin | Actual Grace | Commandments | New Law | Authority

Social Teaching: Life and Dignity | Community | Rights | Poor and Needy | Work Solidarity | Care for Creation

Prayer: Adoration | Petition | Intercession | Thanksgiving | Praise | Contrition | Holy Spirit | The Lord’s Prayer

Catholic Treasure: Order of the Mass | Gifts of the Spirit | Beatitudes | Fruits of the Spirit | Rosary | Way of the Cross | Detailed Glossary

Professions of Faith: Nicene Creed | Divine Revelation | Grace, Faith, Trinity, Incarnation | Christ: Lord and Savior | Angels | Marks of the Church | Eternal life

Liturgy and Worship: Church Calendar | Mass and the Sacraments | Transubstantiation | Holy Orders | Marriage | Liturgy of the Hours

Life in Christ: Formation of Conscience | Divine Law | Moral and Venial Sin | Commandments | New Law | Beatitudes | Precepts of the Church

Social Teaching: Social Justice | Common Good | Community | Rights | Poor and Needy | Work | Solidarity | Care of Creation

Prayer: Forms of Prayer | Ways to Pray | Vocal Prayer | Contemplation | Role of the Holy Spirit | Lord’s Prayer Analyzed

Catholic Treasure: Order of the Mass | Gifts and Fruits of the Spirit | Holy Days of Obligation | Virtues | Rosary | Way of the Cross | Detailed Glossary

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