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Small Group Resources

St. Benedict Small Groups are intentional gatherings of people who meet regularly with the purpose of growing their relationship with God and others.

Are Small Groups for you? If you long for a place to grow in your faith, develop friendships, and share in the love of Christ, small groups are for you!

Registration for Small Groups happens twice a year (January and August). If interested in becoming part of a small group, please contact

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Small Group Leader Resources

Are you a Small Group Leader? Let’s get you started…

New Leader Training Video

How to get started:

New Leader Training Video
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Leader vs. Facilitator

Leader vs. Facilitator
What are my responsibilities, role, and function?

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What’s Next for Small Groups

What’s Next for Small Groups
Is your group now 6-12 months along, and you are wondering what’s next? We have developed a video teaching on how your group can spread its wings!

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Weekly Mass Readings & Reflections

A Note about the liturgical year: The new liturgical year begins with the first Sunday of Advent each year. We have a 3 year cycle of readings, A, B, and C. You will find when searching for the video reflections, they reference the A, B, and C years as well as what week in the cycle it is (ie-26th Sunday in Ordinary time). When you look up the readings on the USCCB calendar for each Sunday, it will tell you what week it is. The year, A, B, or C are not noted. In this current 2023-2024 year, we are in cycle B.

Sunday Mass Readings

Sunday Mass readings on the USCCB website.

Click Here for the Readings

Another option-This book is a wonderful resource for reflections and readings of the Gospel only. Every member should have a copy and be preparing for your gathering with the same pre-reading. The book is “The Better Part- A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer” by John Bartunek, S.Th.D


Reflection & Study Questions

Reflection & study questions for each Sunday readings.

Click Here for Reflections/Study Questions

Video Reflections

Video reflection for each Sunday on FORMED.

Click Here for Video Reflection

Programs for Your Group

We encourage our small groups to decide together what the focus of their gatherings will be. This can change as you go along and develop as a group. Our core values for every group are that you are centered around faith. Always have prayer and a faith element to your gathering. At the bear minimum, please direct your attention to the Sunday mass and the readings for the mass. The more you connect to the Mass, the more you will learn and develop in your faith. There are resources to help you in the Mass Resources section above.

After you have been meeting for a few times, your group may decide they want something more. Perhaps a bible study, or read a spiritual book. You are free to choose what you want as a group, bearing in mind good Catholic teachings. Below are a few suggestions that we have accumulated over the time.

Feel free to consult with the Adult Formation/Small Groups office for any programs they may already own.


Henri Nouwen as an author is very spiritual.

Find Your People by Jennie Allen

Bible Studies

Ascension Press has a great amount of bible based studies with video access. Their webpage can be found at

Bishop Robert Barron- Word on Fire also has a great deal of studies- their webpage can be found at

Dr. Brant Pitre has a wide selection of talks that are easy to understand with free study guides. His products can be accessed at

Other Types of Studies

FORMED- this platform has everything from books to videos to movies, all free! Click Here to Check it Out at FORMED

A Journey with Jonah- learning to face your challenges, a book with study questions- Click Here for Amazon Listing for the Book

The Seven Last Words of Christ- a journey through the passion of Christ, includes discussion questions (wonderful for Lent)- Click Here for Amazon Listing for the Book

Short 3-6 week studies on Bible books, prayer, Lent/Advent etc.- Little Rock Scripture Studies- Click Here for Liturgical Press Site


If you have questions about adult classes, call the Adult Formation Office at 678-992-2047