Rosaries for our Clergy

Will you join in praying for our clergy? Its easy to do!


The St. Benedict Knights of Columbus group is sponsoring an all year long praying of the rosary for our clergy.  You can take part from home, in church, even in the car!  Please help us to show our love and support for all of our clergy by remembering them in our prayers!

We are looking for people to sign up for a particular time slot to guarantee a full day of prayer in the honor of our clergy members ordination anniversary.  If you cannot commit to a particular time, add your name to the “open” time slot.  Let’s show our clergy how many prayer worriers they have!

Click HERE to see the brochure for more details.

St. Benedict Clergy and their Ordination Dates:

Click on the picture of the clergy member you want to sign up for…


     Fr. Paul Flood, Pastor.  June 10th. 

     Fr. Joseph Mullakkara.  August 3rd.


     Fr. Moleke Akanang Peter-Elvis.  April 12th.


                                                                                                                             Fr. Duvan Jose, June 1st.



     Deacon John Puetz.  February 8th.




     Deacon Gerry Kazin.  February 8th.

     Deacon Jamie Morgan.  October 19th.

     Deacon Derek Gant.  February 7th.

     Deacon Tim Dimond.  January 26th.