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Our Clergy

Rev. Paul A. Flood: Pastor

Rev. Paul A. Flood


(678) 992-2503
Rev. Joseph Mullakkara, MSFS: Parochial Vicar

Rev. Joseph Mullakkara, MSFS

Parochial Vicar

(678) 992-2507
Fr. Dairo Antonio Rico: Parochial Vicar

Fr. Dairo Antonio Rico

Parochial Vicar
Fr. Benjamin Thomsen: Parochial Vicar

Fr. Benjamin Thomsen

Parochial Vicar
Gerry Kazin: Deacon

Gerry Kazin

John Puetz: Deacon

John Puetz

Derek Gant: Deacon

Derek Gant

Jamie Morgan: Deacon

Jamie Morgan

Tim Dimond: Deacon

Tim Dimond


Our Staff

Renee Contardo: Parish Secretary

Renee Contardo

Parish Secretary

(678) 992-2501
Dawn Leach: Communications

Dawn Leach


Kit Mastrangelo: Business Manager

Kit Mastrangelo

Business Manager

Mary Levendusky: Accounting Assistant

Mary Levendusky

Accounting Assistant

Rosemarie Turner: Baptism – Sacramental Records – Safe Environment (Virtus)

Rosemarie Turner

Baptism – Sacramental Records – Safe Environment (Virtus)

(678) 992-2050
Mary Beth McKenna: Director of Faith Formation

Mary Beth McKenna

Director of Faith Formation

(678) 992-2515
Ann Shevlin: Adult Formation

Ann Shevlin

Adult Formation

(678) 992-2047
Rita Anderson: Youth Minister-LifeTeen

Rita Anderson

Youth Minister-LifeTeen

(678) 992-2519
Amy Bennett: Teens Administrative Assistant

Amy Bennett

Teens Administrative Assistant

(678) 992-2504
JoAnn Von Plinsky: Coordinator of Faith Formation/K-5th & Edge

JoAnn Von Plinsky

Coordinator of Faith Formation/K-5th & Edge

(678) 992-2514
Mary Alice Morris: Registrar

Mary Alice Morris


(678) 992-2048
Sandra Foltz: Preschool Director

Sandra Foltz

Preschool Director

(678) 992-2052
Sara Lorusso: Music Director

Sara Lorusso

Music Director

(678) 992-2054