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Deep Thinking with Father Ben

What does reason have to do with God? The answers may surprise you.

If you would like to greatly improve your understanding of the faith, join Father Ben Tuesday nights in the PLC at 7:30 pm during Lent. Just drop in—no registration required.

Week 1 | February 28, 2023
Topic: Introduction to Philosophical thinking

No video this week due to a malfunction. 

Week 2 | March 7, 2023
Topic: Logical Proofs of God’s Existence

“Can God be proven logically?  What counts as a ‘good’ proof?  Come explore some of the logical proofs for God’s existence given throughout the Church’s history, with a particular focus on a less popular but very fascinating proof from St. Anselm.”

Week 3 | March 14, 2023
Topic: Knowing Knowledge

What is knowledge?  How can we know?  Do we even have it?  Come and explore a brief introduction to what reason can show us about knowledge in what is called “Epistemology” by philosophers.  

Week 4 | March 21, 2023
Topic: Divine Illumination Theory of Reason

“Hidden, unnoticed in plain thought, is the idea of God.  Though we do not see it directly, without it we could not have a single conscious thought.  Yet it does more than that.  It provides a source for how we can make objectively true judgment and escape intellectual skepticism.  Come explore the reason for supernatural capacity of human reason, in what once St. Bonaventure called the ‘opinion of all the doctors of the Church’: The theory of Divine Illumination.” 

Week 5 | March 28, 2023
Topic: Logic of Morals

“What makes an action good or evil? Is morality about being happy or being good? Come and see in an introduction to the basic logic of morality.”