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Year 3 of the Journey to Confirmation

Journey Three students will attend our exciting Life Teen Light Nights!   Life Nights will include large-group components, such as speakers, music, testimonies, and games, as well as opportunities to break out into small groups for more intimate discussions led by Core leaders.  Life Nights will occur twice a month after the 5:00 pm Sunday Mass and end at 7:45 pm. They will also include a light snack and fellowship!

Sixteen sessions will be offered this year. Because attendance is extremely important during Sacramental Preparation years students are expected to attend all 16 sessions. We will allow up to 3 absences for illness.

Journey Three students will also attend a full-day Confirmation Retreat at St. Ben’s!   Bonus: on the Friday evening prior to full-day Confirmation Retreat, students attend a Service Night (making blankets for the homeless, eating pizza and hanging out with fellow students!)   

In this, the final year of the Journey to Confirmation, teens will apply what they learned the first two years to choose and write a report about their saint, choose their sponsor, and write a letter to Father Flood requesting to be confirmed. They will also read the provided virtual Confirmation Booklet and answer review questions. 

Journey Three students will also complete their service hours and submit a Service Hour Log. Our Journey to Confirmation students are to complete a total of 20 service hours during the Journey Two and Journey Three years. The service log showing 20 total hours (10 from in-parish hours) needs to be submitted by April 1st of the Journey Three year. Students have the flexibility to complete all 20 hours during Journey Two, to spread them out between the two years or to wait and complete them all in Journey Three. These assignments will be submitted via Dropbox to the Youth Ministry Office.  Note:  During the Journey to Confirmation, we remind parents that they are their teen’s primary catechist and we welcome parents to fully participate in the journey with their teen!

Catholic Private School Students

Teens who attend a Catholic Private School for their high school years must receive the sacrament of Confirmation in their home parish. At St. Benedict, teens who have attended a Catholic private school for 9th grade and are enrolled for 10th grade may join our Journey to Confirmation program in the 10th grade. Private Catholic school students who are joining our program the year of their Confirmation have the same requirements as the other Journey Three students (private Catholic school students who join us for Journey Three need to complete a minimum of 10 service hours.)

Save the date!

We will hold a very important 2024-2025 Journey Three Parent Meeting on Sunday, August 26th after 5:00 pm Mass in the PLC. Come learn about this final year of your teen’s Journey to Confirmation!

A special and sacred moment during the Mass as the clergy extend their hands over the confirmandi and the parishioners on Confirmation day.

Taking a break to take it all in alongside Father Flood. A long-time tradition, students at Saint Benedict wear a special white robe for the Confirmation Mass.

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