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Year 2 of the Journey to Confirmation


Journey Two students will attend our new exciting Life Teen Light Nights!   They are required to attend eight times, but they are welcome to attend all! Life Nights will occur approximately twice a month after the 5:00 pm Sunday Mass and end at 7:45 pm. Life Nights will include large-group components, such as speakers, music, testimonies, and games, as well as opportunities to break out into small groups for more intimate discussions led by Core leaders. They will also include dinner and fellowship!

Journey Two students will also attend one mini-retreat at St. Ben’s!


In the second year of the Journey to Confirmation, teens are guided through the second half of the award-winning Chosen curriculum (first half covered in the first year of the Journey). Chosen utilizes a powerful and effective methodology with lessons designed to capture teens’ attention and present the faith in new and unexpected ways.

These wonderful series will be taught via online lessons.  Students will log in and complete the lessons on their own schedule but MUST complete them by the quarterly deadlines. They will complete online review questions at the end of each lesson that will automatically be sent to the Youth Ministry Office to show completion.  Chapters 13-24 are required to be completed.

Teens will also choose a Saint that has particular meaning to them. They will complete a Saint Report and the Saint’s name will become their Confirmation Name when they are confirmed next year.   Teens will also choose someone to be their Confirmation Sponsor and the Sponsor will submit a complete Sponsor Verification Form.  Journey Two students will also complete 10 service hours and submit a Service Hour Log.  These assignments will be submitted via Dropbox to the Youth Ministry Office. We have an optional Faith Sharing Guide that candidates may choose to complete with their Sponsors.  

Note:  During the Journey to Confirmation, we remind parents that they are their teen’s primary catechist and we welcome parents to fully participate in the journey with their teen!   We’ve incorporated a Parent Page into the Journey Two website that students will use to complete their lessons so parents can travel with them on their journey!  

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A little spiritual checkup was on the agenda for Life Night as high schoolers explored their faith.

Father Flood came to Mass prepared to give EVERYONE a spiritual checkup before Life Night began for the evening.

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